Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fluffy-feel-good testimonies

http://faithandpractice.blogspot.com/ has an article called "The Power of Persecution" that I responded to. It is very good. Here is my response to it:
So sadly true your comment: "The reactions of many believers include subduing our testimony for Christ, blending in with the system, watering down the Gospel, etc."
I Love to share the Gospel. Our family, siblings, aunts, uncles, parents included, are deeply involved in missions around the world (and we are Calvinistic)... including persecuted countries, like Egypt. http://www.breakingborders.com/
But being a Homemaker and Home Educator of my 6 children in the Bible belt where everyone says they are "Christians" in this corner of the world that lacks the weeding-out that persecution surely brings, makes spreading the TRUE, unabridged, not-watered-down Gospel quite challenging... but not impossible. I use to be a speaker for a certain watered-down Gospel spreading ministry that made me write out my full testimony before I would be approved to speak it. So I did. It wasn't fluffy. In it I quoted some scripture they labeled as too harsh (e.g. Titus 1:16). They asked, "Can you find a better verse, one that is not quite so harsh... or perhaps a lighter version of that scripture?" I said no. Somehow (by the grace of God) I slipped through the red-tape and spoke the true Gospel for that ministry for awhile... until the adoption of our twins, when I put everything on hold. So the Lord, by His grace, brings unexpected opportunities... even now, whether it be in my neighborhood or at WalMart, to share the true Gospel in this "don't rock the boat" system where people tend to give fluffy feel-good testimonies instead of being transparent, real and true for the glory of God.
I always pray for my children, "Lord, whatever it takes for them to come to know you, to come to live for you, for your glory alone, whatever it takes..."
Other women cry out, "NO! That is too scary, don't pray that!!!"
While I say, "YES! This world is a vapor, temporal in light of eternity!... SO YES LORD, whatever it takes, draw them to Yourself and let them live for YOU!"


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