Monday, January 23, 2006


Even in this present age, where being a Homemaker and Home Educator is not highly regarded, where submitting to ones husband is likened to being a doormat, where choosing to rightfully fear God, proclaiming the true Gospel, embracing the Doctrines of Grace... choosing to dress modestly for the sake of honoring my Lord and my husband are things considered ancient, dated, legalistic... but I LOVE BEING an ancient dated doormat? NO... I love being A WOMAN that embraces TRUE Biblical womanhood! I love getting up early to spend time with my Lord before my 6 children wake up!!! I LOVE MY HUSBAND and am so honored that the Lord would give me such a Godly man to spend my life with!


Blogger David said...

Amen to that!

For those of us eager to Recover Biblical Manhood and Womanhood today, that book is excellent! (It is also available free online)

~ David
Kabul, Afghanistan

2:54 AM  

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