Friday, January 20, 2006

Top 50 Most Influential... I mean HERETICAL Christians in America

The Church Report was actually pleased to announce this year’s list of The 50 Most Influential Christians in America...
I am more astonished.
(like that cat...)
Thanks to the DISILLUSIONED readers of the magazine as well as the online readers for contributing over 150,000 nominations. They write: "Each of the people on this list is most deserving of this recognition"... for what... HERESY! (I see only a few on this list that should be on it, like, PIPER... with several missing, like SPROUL and MACARTHUR). AND WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THIS TYPE OF LIST. Are we not supposed to focus on Christ!
Here is a rewrite of the TOP 5 chosen:
1. Bishop Jakes: A Mega-Church preacher that hugely promotes triumphalistic evangelical theology where Jesus heals people from emotional hurts more than from their sin and speaks "Rhyming-Theology"... name-it and claim-it... believe and recieve". He also does not believe in the trinity.
(Do you understand that this is non-contextual, non-Biblical Theology?)
2. Joel Osteen: Another Mega-Church preacher... actually the poster boy for the Mega-Church. Here is a story for you: I went to a Bible book store in town and began speaking to a woman who worked there. She began fanatically quoting Joel Osteen verbatim to me... I asked her to quote the scripture reference implied in her little mini-Joel Osteen sermon... She couldn't do it. Quoting Joel Osteen verses quoting scripture... hmmm. Mr. Smily believes in easy-believism. (repeat this prayer after me... and ye shall be saved)... and if you claim the right verse, you can have health,wealth and happiness.
In other words, he is the feel-good positive preacher that never addresses THAT WE ALL HAVE SINNED AND FALL SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD!
Sin, the Cross, the atonement are never mentioned... and Jesus is rarely mentioned.
3. Billy Graham... okay, so I like him. Who doesn't. That may be the problem. He's a generalist. Unlike Jesus, dear Billy doesn't offend anybody.
4. Dr. Rick Warren...“The Purpose-Driven Life” guy. A promoter of the SEEKER-FRIENDLY church that seeks not to offend and thus I cry out... "WHERE'S THE BEEF!"
5. Bill Hybels is big into church vision and numbers. He actually has many watered down misinterpretations of the Bible... but this is Hybels main drive... VISION.
(On a side-note: It is not necessarily bad to have an eternal persective "vision" for your life and your church, nor is it necessarily bad to have a large congregation as long as you do not forsake truth...)
Hybels, in taking out of context the verse, "Where there is no vision, the people perish", he redefines this verse as "a church without clear vision will lose members and be unable to numerically grow and flourish"... (vision by Hybels defined as "a picture of the future that produces passion")
I like what Challies say regarding the interpretation of "Where there is no vision, the people will perish."... Challies says, "This verse says nothing of the importance of having a church that is led by vision or a visionary. Ironically, this verse should underscore the importance of honoring God's revelation, and warn those who would water it down by sloppy or deliberate misuse."
Okay, so maybe Hybels is the author of the seeker-sensitive movement. I get confused by all of this heresey.


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