Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Woman's Role when called to the Mission Field

I cannot find a scriptural argument that agrees with a woman being a full-time missionary that is put in a Pastoral position or a teaching position over men. I strongly and scripturally believe that if God calls a single woman into the mission field, he will make a way for her to be a missionary that does not forsake the clear Biblical role of a woman... in other words, God will make a way for her not to be a "pastor" or teach over men. I cannot find any scriptural argument that agrees with a woman teaching any man such as does so many woman (e.g. Joyce Meyers, Beth Moore, and so many more I could fill up this page) They are in direct disobedience to God and shame on those men for submitting themselves under the authority of a woman. It does not matter if their teaching is sound (WHICH IT IS NOT!) and it does not matter how many men they have "lead to Christ" or the "good" work they are doing... it is wrong.
(PLEASE UNDERSTAND that when I write these things it is hard to communicate the "tone of voice" so do not picture me pounding my fist on the table and pointing fingers... a better picture would be of my heart weeping for scriptural truth and longing for honor and glory to come to my Father in Heaven.)


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