Monday, January 30, 2006

"Wow Mom! You must be a genius!"

This is my oldest sons comment after watching Sproul speak on Luther in which Sproul equated genius' walking a thin line... of being possibly insane. (When you see my profile picture you will notice my enormous forehead that might remind you of "The Brain" from "Pinky and the Brain." Though the resemblance is uncanny, we are not related, and I have no desire to take over the world. What a mess that would be... ha.)
I would more be inclined to say that "I am too dumb to be insane", but I do not mind at all that my spiritual heritage is linked with the insanely genius Luther. I do not mind being part of an army of insane people that are tied to Luther and his aversion to compromising truth. He may have been obsessed with every detail of his sinfulness and the fear of God... for was he not a man that truly dangled over the pit of hell? But "Blessed are they that mourn, for they will be comforted." Luther mourned grievously over EVERY sin! Yet truly his only comfort was the covering of those sins by the blood of Christ. Truly Luther is an example of "those forgiven much, love much." Not that he forged head long into obvious horrid sins like child molestation or homosexual prostitution, etc. but he knew the horridness of every sin, the severity of every sin in that sin is sin no matter what sin you sinned! Is there such a thing as an innocent sin or not-that-big-of-a-deal sin?
Have I ever deeply grieved like Jesus did over the sins of man or as Luther deeply grieved over his own sin? Have I ever experienced appropriate "anguish of soul" over my sins that I commit now as a believer and prayed sorrowfully for forgiveness even knowing that they are covered by His blood? May I be so inclined to fear offending my God. May it grieve me so deeply that I cannot go on until I fall prostrate before my holy GOD and pleed his forgiveness and praise Him with much thanksgiving for that undeserved forgiveness!
Receiving due justice for any sin surely would mean eternal suffering in hell. As much as I deserve hell, I will never experience it because of his mercy... because of His grace... and certainly NOT because of anything I have ever done. Thankfully forgiveness of my sins does not depend on me getting face down before Him every time I sin, but is truly dependant on His grace... if it were not, I would never get up.
Quote by Spurgeon that gives an excellent balanced perspective in light of sin:


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