Friday, February 24, 2006

Arrogant, Condescending, Know-it-alls...

I recently read a post in which someone said Calvinism is a virus.
My response:
Calvinism... a virus? No. SIN is a virus... a soul sickness of which man makes merry with this disease.
While Arminianism is a doctrinal plague that infects truth. .. Calvinism is Biblical truth.
And if Calvinism is a virus, it is one worth catching...
"May we call all men everywhere to repent; to be infected with the contagious life-transforming grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ that alone can arrest men's souls for eternity; changing every area of their lives. This reformed, Calvinistic, grace based, biblical soteriology is our great hope."

Someone else was concerned about "the reputation of Falwell and Liberty Seminary" being put on the line...
My response:
Reputation? Okay, I will refrain from saying anything... I encourage you to do your own research on Falwell and see what he has done with his own reputation.

Another wrote: "isn't that the essence of Calvinism, "Grace enough for me but I'm not sure about you."...
My response:
Truly said in pure ignorance (and I say that out of a heart of love)
Apparently whenever anyone speaks real truth, you may have to write after every other line of it... all said in love. I tend to be jestfully sarcastic... something actually hard to communicate in writing because one cannot see the true ache of my heart when faced with the reality of the prevelance of the mockery and plague of sin in this world.
To gain Biblical clarity on the Doctrines of grace read:

Another stated that Calvinists come across as "arrogant, condescending, know-it-alls".
My response:
No... NOT "arrogant, condescending, know-it-alls"... but writings laboured over out of a heart earnestly weeping for God's truth not to be twisted.
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