Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tips for memorizing books of the Bible for busy moms

I love to memorize scripture... especially entire books. And it isn't easy when you are homeschooling 6 children. So here are a few tips:
1. Don't just memorize a line of scripture here and there. It is too easy to take it out of context. Start with entire chapters of Psalms like Psalm 100 or Psalm 1. Then move on to larger portions of scripture, like Luke 2:1-20 (as a family we recite this portion of scripture every Christmas... a tradition passed on by my husband's maternal grandfather.)... and then venture on to short books like Titus or James.
2. Realize that it may take you awhile, but it is worth every "while" you have.
3. Do it for the glory of God, for your sanity, to help you be a godly wife and mother and friend... and it helps to think on things true and lovely when you get into your car to drive in the south, where it is easy to experience road rage and contemplate cursing.
Get yourself an accountability partner (your spouse is an excellent choice) and set reasonable goals and involve your children. (they usually memorize things quicker, but it is fun to recite the Word of God by memory with them at the dinner table.)
5. Do not get discouraged... press on. This is one of the most incredible traditions you can pass on to your children. When my oldest son finished memorizing Psalm 121, he recited it to me... It was when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. At my grandmother's funeral, my children memorized her favorite Psalms and recited them. They are now memorizing the book of Titus with our church youth group and our family... and blowing us out of the water with their memorization skills.
6. Find a way that best fits you... but I have found that the best way for me to memorize scripture is to record my own voice onto the computer (or a tape recorder). Hearing it in my own voice helps because I capture my natural voice inflections. I record it in portions, saying it over and over and over and over on that recording. ANd when I get that down, I record another portion, with a review of what I have already learned. Eventually I get the whole book recorded, which can be used for review later.
7. REVIEW! This is my downfall. I have failed to review books and portions of scripture I have memorized and have thus lost some of it. It is not quite like starting over though... because it does come easier. But review is essential in retaining it. So set a review schedule for the year along with your memorization goals... and realize that these things are flexible... not set in stone. So if you do not meet your goals, re-do your schedule AND DO NOT GIVE UP!!!


Blogger opinion-minion said...

I just posted on the subject. I'd love to hear about what books of the Bible that you've learned, or how you did it. I'd feel better to know that someone else was working on memorizing the Bible at the same time I was! Thanks.

7:41 PM  
Blogger 4given said...

Hello opinion-minion,
The youth group of our church memorizes entire books as well. They did Titus earlier in 2006, Philippians late in 2006 and now will be working on 2 Timothy. Some of us adults take on the challenge... some of us, well, try our best to keep up with them. One of my favorite books to have memorized is James. However, review is key and I have lost memory work especially as of late because of not being diligent to review. But I have been encouraged at times because it seems to pop into my brain when in need... whether it be a need for encouragement or admonishment and I praise God for using His Word hidden in my heart for such times.

9:56 PM  

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