Thursday, March 09, 2006

WOW! What the Bible calls sin really is sin...more on attachment disorders

1. Go back and read this if you have not read it yet: Adoption and Attachment Disorders from a Biblical Perspective
2. And then read this. It is a list of the symptoms of attachment disorders which reads like a list of the natural sin issues of any child... and even adults: Nihilo: What is an attachment disorder
3. And now read this. "The problem stems from the fact that, with my biological children, these behaviors occured one at a time. They were typically dealt with and not allowed to become habits... Because (the adopted children's) parents were either absent or abusive, these issues were not dealt with and allowed to accumulate. Rather than being quickly extingished, the beahaviors became habits. Thus I would say that the central issue with these children is the lack of proper parenting... Some do not grasp the importance of sin in the equation."
Nihilo: The causes of attachment disorders

On a side note: Thankfully, with diligence to seek the Lord in His Word of truth, using scripture to guide us on how to untrain sinful habits in all of our children (and even ourselves) and replace them with godly habits, we can make progress from a Biblical perspective... our main goal with all of them is to share Christ in both words and deeds. I do get weary at times... but that is sin. For we are to never grow weary in doing good.

Now go to this link for "Tips for memorizing books of the Bible for busy moms"


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