Saturday, May 30, 2009

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

They hatched!!!

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Friday, May 01, 2009

Flash Flood Today in Oklahoma at Husband's Parents

My two girls spent the night at their grandparent's house last night. They woke up to rain that ended up quickly becoming a flash flood. It caused significant damage to their walk-out basement. One of my daughters was downstairs with Grandma when Grandma suddenly told her to go upstairs quickly. A rush of water started coming out of the toilets and then the door came off its hinges as the water rose to 6 feet. The girls were scared when they heard the door crash open because their grandma was still down their trying to save pictures and her hand-made quilts that she made. She made it up the stairs with only one quilt and a few pictures completely soaked. The girls were crying and very worried about their grandma.

The side of the main road leading to grandma's

A restaurant on the way to grandma's

Driving in water to grandma's

Almost to grandma's house

Approaching their private driveway.

The horse stable next door. The other neighbor's horses were swimming in 5 feet of water.

Grandpa's private driveway cracked.

Their walk-out basement several hours after the flash flood

Yep, that is fecal matter. Water was rushing out of the toilets.

The smell was pretty bad.

This is the door that came off its hinges as the water rushed in up to 6 feet high. The surrounding windows were cracked.

A ride-on toy car rushed in also.

The water was up these stairs. You can see the fecal matter on the carpeted stairs to the right.

My daughter, Katie, said she saw the coach floating in the water and it hit the stairs and floated back.

You can see toys and movies that floated out of the house as the flood waters receded.

These are the stairs I walked up at my wedding. We had a beautiful outdoor wedding under a blanket of HUGE oaks there at my husband's parent's house.

The water went all the way to the platform of the playground.

This is the door that flew off. The water rose to the top of this doorway.

More trash, toys, etc.

There is a little box of Legos that floated out the door with a lamp, etc.

You cannot usually see the creek from this window.